GMS 認證

What is GMS ?

GMS (Google Mobile Service) is a collection of Google apps. Preload any of it will need to certify.
  • Regular Apps
    • Google, Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play store, Drive, Play music, Play movies, Duo, Photos
  • Go Apps
    • GoogleGo, Chrome, AssistantGo, GmailGo, MapsGo, YoutubeGo, Play, Gboardlite
  • Optional Apps
    • Talkback, Calculator, …

Products use GMS

Integration of GMS on Sports Equipment

Google Maps street views integration with treadmill, indoor bike, excise bike or elliptical.

How to Certify a device?

Non-Certified Devices

EMADA Update

Charged per device

Country Group 3 Country Group 2 Country Group 1
Germany Austria Bulgaria Liechtenstein
Netherlands Belgium Croatia Lithuania
Norway Denmark Cyprus Luxembourg
Sweden Finland Czech Republic Malta
United Kingdom France Estonia Poland
Ireland Greece Portugal
Italy Hungary Romania
Spain Iceland Slovakia
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